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G650 description
When it enters service, the all new Gulfstream G650 will be the largest, longest-range purpose designed business jet ever built. In addition, its maximum speed capability will make it the fastest civil aircraft available. Gulfstream's new flagship also sets new standards in comfort as the aircraft's large signature oval windows and ultra-large cabin represent a significant step-up from the G550. New technologies, from design methods to systems such as avionics and fly-by-wire, to extensive use of advanced materials and production methods make the G650 a very efficient aircraft, allowing it to burn considerably less fuel than the G550. Although the aircraft's list price is in the low 60 million USD, it has captured significant interest, with approx. 200 aircraft on firm order.
Announced in March 2008, Gulfstream's first clean-sheet design in a long time, was rolled out on Sept. 29th 2009 and conducted its maiden flight on Nov. 25th, 2009. After obtaining joint certification from the US FAA and European EASA in 2011, the type is expected to enter service in 2012. Rolls-Royce has been selected to supply its BR725 powerplant. Other suppliers are Goodrich, Honeywell and Spirit.
G650 data
Overall Length 1,197   in   30.41   m  
Wing Span 1,195   in   30.36   m  
Height 308   in   7.45   m  
Wing Area 1,300   sqft   121.00   sqm  
Cabin Length 643   in   16.33   m  
Max. Cabin Width 102   in   2.59   m  
Max. Cabin Height 77   in   1.95   m  
Capacity 11 - 18   passengers
Basic Operating Weight (typ.) 54,000   lb   24,494   kg  
Max. Zero Fuel Weight 60,500   lb   27,442   kg  
Max. Landing Weight 83,500   lb   37,875   kg  
Max. Take-off Weight 99,600   lb   45,178   kg  
BFL (MTOW, S/L, ISA) 6,000   ft   1,829   m  
Landing Distance (MLW) 3,000   ft   915   m  
Initial Cruise Altitude 41,000   ft   12,497   m  
Long Range Cruise Speed 0.85   M   -    
Normal Cruise Speed 0.90   M   -    
MMO 0.925   M   -    
Range at LRC 7,000   nm   12,964   km  
Range at Normal Cruise Speed 5,000   nm   9,260   km  
Max. Altitude 51,000   ft   15,545   m  
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